Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Towels Shaped To Fit Over Your Car Seat

If you're sick of grime and filth on your car seats and tired of regular towels sliding down and moving around while you drive, you need to take a look at these clever towels made specifically for car seats. These water resistant car seat protectors allow you to protect your vehicle's upholstery from sweat, moisture and grime.

Regular seat covers are a hassle to put on and take off. However, these car seat towels are designed to be quickly and easily fit over your car seat in order to provide temporary protection when needed.

It can be a bit of a scramble to find something to place between you and the seat, resulting in using clothes or other unsuitable things you find in the trunk. If you've been to the beach, and you attempt to use a regular towel, they always slide back down and the sand and moisture gets through. Driving along half-soaked and covered in sand with a towel sliding around underneath you isn't a very comfortable feeling. The item shown here is made of soft micro fleece, and is machine washable.

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Or maybe you need something a little more heavy duty for extreme mud and filth?

This car towel is known as the "Extreme Mudder" and has a slightly different design. It stays in place using a rubberized gripper backing, so it's unable to slide around behind your back. This is also machine washable and is designed to effortlessly fit onto any car seat. This has received a positive response from buyers, regarding its comfort, effectiveness and ability to stay in place and not slide around whilst driving. This isn't simply made to protect your vehicle's upholstery from moisture or sand, it's made to handle mud and filth.

These are the most positively reviewed versions. They're perfect for the beach, for driving home from the gym after a sweaty workout or when if you've just finished a hard dirty day's work and it's time to head home. There's seems to be several versions of these, but there's some rather poor ratings as some appear to be cheap, inferior products which fall down or don't wash well. Avoid these and have a good look around before you make a decision.
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Perhaps you'd like something that stores away behind the seat and rolls down when needed?

This product is definitely a little more stylish than the two previously described. However, it doesn't offer the same protection, as it's slimmer and doesn't have a non slip grip backing. However, the storage pouch positioned behind the head rest definitely adds some appeal, as does its sleek appearance. However, the lack of complete coverage may be an issue for some, as there is still potential for grime, sweat and other moisture to make its way onto your car's seats. 

This is not available on Amazon, but is sold on www.towelmate.com 

A clean car is good for your health

It's not only good for appearances and resale value, but keeping the interior of your car clean is also good for your health. This not only goes for damp filthy grime, but also for food and other waste left in cars. As far as food scraps and other junk goes, you could consider an 'over the seat' trash bag. These are great for keeping back seats free of McDonald's bags and coke cans. We all eat and drink in our cars, and we all been guilty of using the backseat as a trash can at some point. I do this constantly. I end up feeling guilty when passengers end up swimming in a sea of takeout wrappers.

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